How to Stop Overthinking

You know that feeling when you want to do something but you end up not doing it, because you envisioned 3000 different scenarios of everything that could go wrong? Yeah, it’s time to fix that.. Into envisioning 3001 different scenarios that could go wrong!

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I think the first thing to do, in order to come up with solutions on how to deal with this problem, is to understand what it is and where it comes from. The reason you’re overthinking is probably caused by fear (of the unknown) or experience. Either way, it’s really annoying and it can and will ruin everything for you.  But, that was before I came along to give your overthinking an ass whooping, because I’m not going to sit here, looking up hilarious Conor McGregor gifs while you’re struggling with your thoughts.

That’s right. I got you fam.

My morning was lit

I’m going to share with you a story and it’s so ridiculous, I can’t believe I actually did that ones, or twice or more. I was 15 years old, still in High School and just like any other student, my life was a routine, every single day.

It took me about 45 min to an hour to get to school. So, I was just chilling, listening to some underground government Hip Hop, because you gotta stay woke in the early morning, right!? Anyway, I was almost at the right subway station where a thought crossed my mind. A simple thought that ruined my entire morning.

Did I turn off the stove?

At this point there’s two sides of me. One side knows that I turned it off, that everything’s alright and that I should stop worrying.

The other side though….


O shit, what if I didn’t turn it off? Shit, and then my cat will jump on it and everything will light on fire and the house will burn down and with that everyone’s belongings and what if my neighbors just called my parents oMYGOD MY MOMMA IS GOING TO WHOOP-MA-ASS! PLEASE JESUS, HAVE MERCY!!!

My overthinking got so out of control, that I immediately stepped out of the subway, ran to the other side of the station and went back home. And Of course, I called my mom to tell her what I probably forgot to do. Smart move, Dounia. I passed my horrible thought on to her and that didn’t make anything better. The house wasn’t even on fire (well, it was yet to be confirmed) but she was already angry at me! So fire or not, that ass whooping was on it’s way, regardless! No, I’m just kidding, I have the sweetest mom in the world but she was angry AF, not gonna lie. I love you mom. 😘

I went from subway to bus to home. Only to find out, nothing was lit except for Immortal Technique‘s playlist I was still listening to.

I was sweating, had a bit of a headache and I was tired. I couldn’t believe I drove myself crazy over something so stupid. I risked coming late for my test just because I thought my freaking house was on fire. It’s just so weird. My morning started so great and ended up in a hell (almost literally with all the fire and stuff). This wasn’t the first and only time it happened though, so I had to come up with a solution.

Oscar Worthy Thoughts


The title already says it but honestly, where my overthinkers at? Ya’ll know our thoughts are Oscar worthy, right? I mean, the drama in our minds can get so big, if only we could turn it into a reality show. Damn, The Kardashians would be quaking!

The only thing that can make me overthink right now, is when I lose my phone. I don’t know if that’s just me but, just the thought of it freaks me out. Other than that it’s quite simple what I did to stop overthinking.

I stopped giving into my thoughts. I started becoming more aware of what I was doing, because go back to my story. What do you notice? My life was a routine. Every single day: I woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, went to school, came back home, did my homework, had zero time to relax, had dinner, went back to bed. The weekends were the only exception of living a normal non-routined life. I think a lot of people can relate to this because they live it 24/7, wether you’re still in High School or you’re working fulltime. I also started to live more in the present instead of the future or past.

The solution is simple: Can you change it? Yes, then do something about it. If your answer is no, then why the F are you worrying?

Learn from the past, look forward to the future, but live in the present, baby!   – Yours truly

In reality this can be hard, I fully understand that. But, you gotta put in the effort if you want this to stop. So, I would suggest to remind yourself of the simple solution I just mentioned. Ask yourself these questions when you’re overthinking something and you’ll find out that it works. It will just be a matter of time before you are fully in control of your thoughts and with that most of your life.

I mean, let’s say if my house was on fire. It wasn’t that I could do anything about it. But in my mind I thought I could and that’s where it went wrong.

It won’t do you any good to worry about things that are out of your control. Accept it and move on. I’m not saying this because it’s so easy to do. I have struggled with it myself and all this time I had the same ”It’s easier said, than done” mentality. But it didn’t brought me anywhere. So I stopped making excuses, and actually moved on , and if I can change that mindset, you can too ❤


Credits: The last three gifs used in this blog post are from Giphy.

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