2 Simple Ways to Deal With Depression (Without Medication)

We often think that dealing with depression is a hard thing to do. I certainly agree with this, and because there are many different reasons why someone suffers from it, I came up with two simple ways for everyone to apply it into their lifestyles. And yep, meds are not included!

2 simple ways to deal with

PLEASE NOTE: When I mention ”Without Medication”, I don’t mean for you to stop using it nor am I saying you shouldn’t use it in the first place. What I mean by that is: The two ways to deal with depression do not involve medication. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using it or you’re thinking about it, you can still apply these 2 simple ways. But, if you’re hesitant to take it or not, I advise you to talk to your doctors’ first.

It all starts from the inside

You can wear the raddest outfits, have the most on fleek eyebrows or be the funniest person at work, as long as you do not take care of the inside, depression won’t go away. But, don’t worry, babe! You know I never put my trust in the negatives. I always take something positive out of it to share it with you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by people or not, you’ll be doing everything by yourself eventually. That means that, if you cannot role with yourself, you got yourself a problem, especially when depression is lurking 24/7 as well. That’s why these 2 simple ways have everything to do with conquering from within.

#1. Self-Love

I’m starting of with self-love because it will automatically lead to #2, but before we’re going to talk about that I want to focus on this first.

The reason why self-love is important is because, depression can be a pain in the ass already. No wait, depression is a pain in the ass and imagine having to go through that, and on top of that, you’re also an ass to yourself. You see my point?


Start with being kind to yourself. Speak nicely to yourself and make sure your words are uplifting and loving. To give you a better example, I want you to think of a person you care about very dearly. They mean the world to you, and there’s no way you’ll ever put him or her down, or talk bad to them.

Now, ask yourself: Why wouldn’t you do that to yourself? Why are you so hard on yourself? You didn’t ask to be depressed, so don’t let it take control of you!

Depression has it’s sneaky way of listening to your insecurities and whisper them into your ears, every single day to remind you of them. Turning to drugs, food, sex or other bad habits, won’t make it stop. So, start with showing yourself some love, tell yourself you’re doing fine. Actually let yourself know you’re proud of yourself.

You know the quote: ”Kill them with kindness.” ? That also counts for depression. Kill that fool with kindness! Show yourself love, every single day and the healing process will begin.

#2. Self-care

Once you’re all lovey-dovey with yourself, you’ll automatically start to take care of yourself more and more, because you realize the powerful effect it has.

Self-care is beneficial to dealing with depression because it can have a very nourishing effect. ”How do I practice self-care?” you ask. Well, look at self-care as all the things you like to do that makes you feel happy and content.

The older I get, the more I can relate to Squidward lol.

This can be different for anyone. For example: I like to write anything that comes to mind, watch sunsets, edit videos and going on distance walks with my doggo. But, I’ll be honest with you, sometimes doing nothing can be pretty nourishing too.

You gotta allow yourself to spend some time doing what you like. That can be whatever pleases you, as long as it’s not toxic to your mind.

With that said, it’s also important to talk to people. Get shit off your chest. Get rid of it. If you don’t have someone to talk to, I’ll always be here to talk with you. I’ll put some links below on how you can contact me. You don’t ever have to feel alone in this world. My blog isn’t just an online space where you can get inspired, it’s also a place where you can feel safe, heard, understood and helped. ❤

Depression is an illness

This blog post was originally inspired by a video I posted last Saturday on my YouTube channel, where you can hear Wentworth Miller speak about self-care, self expression and depression.

And for those who don’t know him, thank you very much, I now have a reason to add a photo of his beautiful face:


Anyway, my point is that, this man is very outspoken about gay rights and mental health awareness and it inspired me so much that I wanted to not only make a video about it, but also address it in a blog post. Mental illness is real. Depression IS an illness.

I always compare mental illness or chronic illnesses with a broken leg. When you break your leg, people can see that something happened to you or that you’re hurt. With mental stuff, people don’t see it most of the time, and that to me, is often the reason why they don’t look at it as an illness. Because ”your eyebrows are on fleek, so what are you talking about with depression this and that blabla….” – any ignorant person.

Before I’m going to end this blog post, I want you to know and understand that you’re not alone. With you, many people are going through this and there are ways to get out of it.

Every step in the right direction, is another one closer to success. You’ll never walk alone. – Farm boy Dounia

If you’re suicidal please speak about. Let your voice be heard, it is important for your own safety. There are ways to get help. Here’s a list of all the suicide prevention lines worldwide.

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