The Power of Letting Go

We tend to hold back when we want to let go, because we often think about what we have to lose, instead of realizing what we have to gain (which is way more). Are you ready to discover the hidden powers of letting go? Then continue reading!

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I’ll never let go Jack

You know that scene in Titanic where Rose is laying on a wooden door and there’s like, enough room for 20 more people, but her ass is so extra and cold she needs it for herself?

Yeh. So, Jack is in the water, trying to control his breathing and she’s talking about how cold she and then there’s a scene where Rose promises Jack she would never let go.

After a while, Rose realizes that he passed away and although she promised to never let go, she still does. Why? Because there’s people on a lifeboat looking for survivors. If she wants to stay alive and make lots of babies, she gots to make a decision!!

She then gets into the water, swims her way to the guy with the whistle in his mouth, grabs it and saves her life by doing that.

Moral of the story is that if she didn’t let go, she would not have been saved and she would’ve been stuck in that place until she died as well. That’s the power of letting go and also not letting go.

See, sometimes, in order to move forward we need to let go of what was. This can be certain situations, habits, people, you name it. Sometimes the feeling of letting go comes natural, other times it’s being forced. There are many different reasons why you need to move on with your life. This is not a one size fits all situation. But, letting go (or not) in general, has the same impact, regardless of what the situation is.

Letting go = moving forward, growth | Holding on = being stuck, moving backwards.

Choose wisely, young Neo.

Vibrate higher

Now, growth is essential to living a successful life. So making the decision to let go or not, has an even greater power now. And sure, sometimes we make mistakes, but that’s life. You do whatever you think is best for you at that time. We live and we learn.

Always know that, when it’s time to let go, you just need to let go. Be afraid, be scared, but do it anyway. You’ll feel better afterwards and realize the only person you need to rely on is yourself. At the end of the day, you are the one that going to live your life. You are the one that has to make the best out it.

Why u so butt hurt, Jack?

Imagine yourself going through life with a frozen Jack Dawson holding your hand 24/7. That would not only be frustrating, but it will be exhausting, uncomfortable and it will hold you back. It will slow you down and tear you apart slowly but surely. No offense Jack, but like… 

That, my friend, is not necessary. You are capable of living your life the way you want to. You got a mind of your own, so make sure it stays your own. Learn to respect your values and be with people who let you vibrate higher. The old ones might respect your decisions, or they try to convince you to stay with them. Either way, stand by your decisions. Do not be intimidated or manipulated, into thinking that what you’re doing is wrong. You’re standing up for yourself and that’s a very bold thing to do.

You show people how you respect yourself, which automatically shows them how you want to be respected by them as well. That’s not ego, that’s self-love and mandatory. Sometimes we have to let people know where they’re crossing the line, to prevent them from using you like a doormat.

Always remember,

Hold on to what lifts you up, let go of what puts you down.

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