The Art of Self-Expression

“If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the shadow — you are not understanding yourself.”- Bruce Lee


Hi guys! Before I begin with telling my story I want to apologize for not posting last Thursday and yesterday. I’ve been suffering from the (stomach) flu, strep throat and what not.. I’ve spend my days in bed watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and luckily, I’m feeling a bit better now. So how about we’re gonna dive straight into to it, because I have some awesome stuff to share with you!

Gina Linetti is such a mood.

Who wants to be a trillionaire?

I refer to self-expression as art because it is a crucial part of creating your own identity. I like to look at it as a painter who starts out with a white canvas, they splatter a few sprinkles on it in three different colors and before you know it BOOM! It’s being sold for 1 trillion dollars. Maybe I should consider doing that too… I mean, I won’t mind being a trillionaire!

No just kidding, I’m not here to diss one colored paintings, but I think you get my point, right? Art starts with nothing and is eventually brought to life by color, elements, depth and uniqueness, same goes with life.


Let me go back in time to when you were born, into this world of people who have different religion beliefs, ideologies, cultures. You’re on this planet but you’re still a stranger. So I can hear you on the other side of the screen asking how you can create your own identity in all of that? Let me break it down for you, boo.

Baggy pants & Rossi merch

I truly believe in the art of self-expression because I have been creating lots of painting before I finally accepted I suck at painting lol. No but seriously. I went from emo, to goth, to punk, to hip-hop/TLC baggy pants, big shirt, to wearing Valentino Rossi merch every single day. I even tried to be a girly girl, but that was a no-go for me. I did like the make-up part though.. But even that was taken to the extreme. Ugh, I wonder why I’m so crazy.. It’s probably because of my dad. Blame him! No just kidding, love u dad you’re my world and the reason why I can’t be normal!

IMG-20120912-WA0000 kopie
[2013 DOUNIA] My friends and I were having a self-created photoshoot in front of the school because we were nerds and had nothing better to do with our lives. Also, in this particular year people always recognized me because of the yellow Rossi shirts I was wearing. Even my Science teacher called me Dounia Rossi instead of Dounia MHarthi (he happened to be a Rossi fan too!) I’m not sure if I was self-expressing back then or just losing my true identity lmao! just kidding..
I have never and won’t ever be your basic girl next door. I never strived for popularity but because I was always true to myself, I had a very close group of friends and guess what? They were all VERY different from each other too.

Of course there were jealous and fake people and haters but I never cared. Like, literally, all they had to do was go to and they could’ve bought the same shirt, like damn boo, this could be us but you playin’…

Everybody’s FREEEEEEE!

Expressing yourself, regardless of what others say or think of you, is like freedom to me. It’s the way you talk and dress, but also in sexuality, religion and gender. Self-expression has no limit, it can go any direction and I love it, as long as it’s not hurtful to someone e.g. racism, discrimination, sexism etc.

Embracing who you are and actually expressing that to the outside world is a very daring move. It has always been like that and I don’t think it will ever change. Even though we live in a time where there are so many different styles in clothing and makeup and all that kind of stuff, we still tend to color in between the lines. Maybe more often that we want to, because we have this fear of not being accepted by society.

But let me tell you this my friend:

i love shane. 💖

It can be over in a second and that’s reason enough to live up to your own expectations. Make yourself happy by being yourself. Pleasing other’s will never be a remedy for sadness, it’ll only lead to destruction. Destruction of your own soul, your truest self.

Don’t be afraid to not be populair or accepted by the masses. You’re not put on this earth to do that. Believe me, there are way more important things to achieve in life, than to be the prettiest person in school or at work.

Of all the pirates in the world, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow that stands out the most. Why? Because he’s unique. Become the Captain Jack Sparrow of your own life, but don’t get yourself in trouble like he does!

The only reason I found myself for the most part and am still learning new things about myself is because I let it be. It’s a ”go with da flow” type of lifestyle. Imagine being asked who you are as a person and not being able to answer that. That would be awkward, right? And very confronting too

Don’t be afraid to be authentic and remember that the only opinion that matters is your own.

Just do it. Be weird, be different, be RAD. Be extraordinary.

Eventually the right people will accept you for who you are, but more importantly, you will learn how to accept yourself. So even when someone doesn’t like you, you still like you! 💖



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