The Confidence Strikes Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Say good bye to your insecurities, because your confidence is on it’s way and it won’t take part, it will take over! Yes, the last 8 words were inspired by Conor McGregor

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It’s a myth that only pretty, rich and powerful people can be confident. Confidence is not portrait by what you earn or wear. It’s a feeling that’s locked up inside and by doing just the right things at the right time, you are able to unleash it. And because I like you guys and gals, I wrote down 5 ways on how to unlock level confidence! + gifs.

#1. Acceptance

Accept what you:

  • are and what you’re not,
  • what you have and don’t have
  • what you can do and can’t do

Self-acceptance and acceptance in general is very important because that’s the moment you’ll stop caring about what others think of you. You are aware of what your capabilities are and aren’t. You’re no longer in denial or wishing. You are who you are and you accepted it completely.


#2. To slay or not to slay

What I actually mean by this is your physical appearance and the fact that it’s important to take care of yourself.


If you look good, you feel good and that doesn’t mean you should be pretty enough to win a beauty pageant. It means that wearing the clothes you like or rocking a hairstyle you love is really helpful to feel more confident. Even on days where you’re not feeling yourself, you should pay attention to what you look like. Not because of other people’s opinions, but to feel better inside.

And aye, there’s nothing wrong with spending days in comfy outfits, looking like trash because we all need that from time to time, let’s be honest. It’s about taking care of yourself even on days where you don’t feel like it.

There’s a reason why after a bad day we say: ”At least our eyebrows were on fleek!” – no one actually says that.

#3. Nerd-alert!

me trying to socialize with you: ”so like, what’s the tea?”

You don’t actually have to become a nerd to be confident, but I do recommend to spend some time educating yourself. You don’t have to figure out how to make a space shuttle that can bring you to Saturn, unless you are capable of doing that, because then I would recommend contacting NASA. But, back to what I was saying this could be us but you playin’ – it’s important to do the knowledge on life, history, nature, space and of course the things you are interested in. Be aware of what’s going on in the world.

You do not have to know everything, but having some basic knowledge won’t be a bad thing either. You’ll be able to talk to people about a lot of things without keeping it to one subject only, and you actually know what you’re talking about.

Knowledge is power and makes you confident. So, how about you and I are going to spent this entire weekend watching Star Wars, so we can expand our knowledge? I’ll bring the popcorn!

#4. DON’T! Be seduced by the dark-side

Sometimes lacking confidence can be caused by the people we hang out with. They can be very toxic and if you’re not aware of that, it can and will have a negative impact on your confidence level. They reflect their insecurities onto you, trying to make you believe them so that they can feel better about themselves. Do not let those bad things they’re saying to or about you, get to your head! They’re not worth it. If you didn’t know yet, I once wrote a blog post about how to deal with toxic people. Feel free to read it.

orrrrr, you could just do what Rihanna would do.

I know it can be hard to figure out if their intentions are indeed bad, or you’re just seeing things. Because one time, they’re very supportive and kind, but then all of a sudden they try to destroy your entire existence.

Now, what if I told you that you shouldn’t put your thoughts on that. Instead you should ask yourself how their comment made you feel. Their intentions aren’t important, what you feel is. Never doubt your instinct, for it will always be true to you.

#5. Are you even on Insta though?

I’ve saved this one for last, but it’s not less important than the other four. In fact, what you’re looking up on Social Media, especially Instagram (because it’s for picture & video content) can have a great influence on your self-esteem and therefore built or destroy your confidence.


It’s very common for people to compare their real lives to those that are showing their perfect world on Instagram. I’m on Instagram myself and I think it’s a great platform to share your stuff on and you should definitely follow me, because I finally have a theme I’m satisfied with lmao!

No but seriously, I constantly see these videos on my explore page about: how to get rid of cellulite, how to make your lips bigger, get THICC, fake hair, big boobs – you get the picture.

me avoiding unrealistic body goals content on insta like…

I personally decided to not check my explore page anymore, because the things that are being shown, are not real nor realistic to me. I realized that it annoyed me to constantly be confronted by how I should look like or better said: what I am not according to society   unless I do certain things to my body. And please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging those who do that, I’m just standing by my own principles. I don’t like the constant pressure to be picture, perfect.

I don’t care about that and I will never care about it, but it will have it’s impact on me if I keep looking at it, so therefore I stopped. You’re not forced to follow or look at certain pages either, so don’t do it, if you know you’ll feel insecure.

And it’s not that the stuff on the explore page made me insecure, but it can mess with my mind and at some point it will make me self-conscious and I want to avoid that because

I got 99 problems but my thighs ain’t one!



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  1. GJ Stevens says:

    Great post 👍

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    1. Thanks a lot, Gareth! 😊

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