The Biggest Misconception About Positive People

I really wanted to write this blog post for so long and now the time has finally come! So, grab yourself a snack or two because I have a lot to tell you…

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A couple of weeks ago I hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) where I answered questions about positivity and personal development. I got a lot of fun, awesome and interesting questions, but there was one in particular that inspired me to write this blog post.

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What would your answer be to this question? Let me know in the comments below!

This was my answer:

I will always find a reason to add Star Wars into my blog posts. That’s just the nerd I am.

No but seriously this was my response:

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Now here’s the thing, It’s not just people online who are asking me this. Over the years I’ve met people who asked me those type of questions all the time. They have this image of me always being happy, satisfied and bubbly, but that is simply not the case, you guys.

Nobody in this world lives that kind of a perfect life and even though this is the case, some people in my life still think that, that doesn’t count for me. They think that because my positivity speaks louder than my negativity.

a visual representation of you guys getting the tea from momz.

I just think it’s weird to think that of someone. I mean, just because I don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And I’m not saying you should stay quiet about your problems, but I am saying that you should be aware of with whom you are sharing it with.

To me, I don’t find it necessary to tell my classmates or colleagues why I’m feeling sad or disappointed. But… let’s say, my mom? Ohh shit, if you want some HOT TEA, you should definitely go to her!

Now, I don’t even know the secret formula to make a Krabby Patty so believe me when I say I don’t know the secret formula to a perfect, care-free, life.

What I do know though, is that positivity is a choice and so is negativity. I purposely choose for positivity because I know negativity isn’t going to get me anywhere except for more sadness, disappointments and so on. It’s like a domino effect that counts for both ways. And just like I am in control to choose, in what way, I want to live my life, so are you.


In my opinion, every imperfection life trows at us, is what makes it perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, disabled, religious, atheist, gay, straight, or just a nerd like me who loves to blog, everyone is dealing with something.

All I can say is, be kind to people. No matter how confident, positive or happy they may look, you never know what someone’s going through. A simple smile, or act of kindness can make a person’s entire day. ❤️

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