Patience Is Key

Ugh, waiting… It’s anything but fun. Especially when you just started with something and you expect immediate results. Unfortunately, Rome wasn’t build in a day either, so to make the progress of patience a little easier for you, I am going to explain why you’ll gain more from it than you actually think and what benefits it has to your life in general.

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Fast and furious impatient

Patience to me is the most important thing in life. Because I think that once you are able to control it completely, you’ll understand the true beauty of life.

Now here’s the thing, I can fully understand why for a lot of people it isn’t easy to be patient. Especially in times like this where we’re used to getting things fast. We are used to not having to wait so long for our pizzas, messages, clothes we ordered online.

I was like 16 to 18 years old when I had to understand this process but it is completely normal to learn it earlier or later on in life as well. Learning processes don’t come with age limits, we learn as we grow. – Me

I’ve struggled with it myself as well in the past. In fact, I was that kind of person who could answer the ”Where do you see yourself in 5 years” question. Although I was aware it was going to take me 5 years, in my mind I thought I could achieve things faster ”just because”. Pretty stupid actually if I think about it.

Do you already notice the danger I was facing? and with me there are many other people around the globe who are doing the exact same thing. Perhaps you can relate to what I’m saying. Once you’re impatient, time has no worth to you. You just wish for it to go by as fast as possible, so you can achieve that one thing you’re working and dreaming for 24/7.

It is what it is

In order to understand certain things in life and to move on we must accept the situation for what it is. This was a big game changer for me, once I started to realize it.

me @ my dreams and goals

I knew that no matter how much I dreamed and how hard I worked, I still had to wait. My patience was still being tested. I started to understand that, the time and energy I put in annoying myself that I had to ”wait for so long” I could rather be more efficient with it and put it into things that are actually going to benefit me. I slowly started to live day by day instead of 5 years ahead.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

I know this quote is very cliché, but it is very true. Everything you work hard for has great value in the end. It wasn’t just given to you, you earned it yourself. You showed yourself what you’re made off BUT you had to stay patient. It wasn’t given that easily. It had it’s ups and downs.

That’s why patience is key, ladies and gents. It teaches us the values of life. It’s like living at your parent’s house or on your own. When you’re still chilling at your parent’s house your less careful with what breaks, falls and slams. Why? Because you didn’t pay for it, your parents did. But let’s see what happens when someone drops your favorite coffee mug at your own place….

that’s right – ass whooping time!!

And why? Because you payed for that mug with money you had to work for and that didn’t come easy. Even though it’s ”just a mug”.

Concentrated strength

With patience comes understanding, acceptance and appreciativeness. And this doesn’t just count for materialistic things. Same goes with people and animals. Be patient with them. Let them grow and learn, just like you have to grow and learn your way through life.

Since I learned how to become more patient, I stopped looking 5 years ahead and I started to appreciate the here and now. I live in the moment because I learned the values of life by embracing it, Only then you no longer feel the need to be impatient. You know that everything will come at the right time and place. Nothing will be forced nor rushed.

The man, the Legend.

And I’m totally honest with you when I say you don’t necessarily have to meditate to understand this. Because, when you’re open to follow this process I guarantee you, that patience will come automatically and naturally. And yes, that takes time as well!

Always remind yourself that patience can be found in hard work and when you accept the situation for what it is. 

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