The Best Way To Become Happy

Happiness… There are countless of blog posts on the web that explain to you how to become a happy person. They got 7, 12 or even 43 ways to guide you through the wonderful path that can lead you to a life of smiles. But, why should you do all this effort when there’s just one simple way to follow? 

the best way to become

12 oranges a day keeps the sadness away

I think that happiness in general is a very complex and challenging topic to write about. Simply because it’s all based on opinions, not facts. Yes sure, there might be some things that are scientifically proven to boost your happiness, but for how many people count these things, really?

I can show you all kinds of statistics on why eating 12 oranges a day can make you a happier person, but what will it benefit you – the person reading this, who is desperately looking for happiness? or just a reason to laugh at my lazy writing?

I can tell you that it will not benefit you at all, because happiness is too personal.


Let’s say you want to lose weight. By just eating healthy and exercising, you will not tackle your sadness to become happy. Of course, you will be glad to be ripped, but will you look at yourself as someone who could star in the next Baywatch movie? Or do you still look at yourself as an overweight person?

See, it’s not what you’re doing that is important when it comes to such things, it is what you’re thinking that makes the difference. It’s all in the mind. If you can accept yourself with rolls or without muscles, then you are ready to undergo the transformation. You’re ready to change your lifestyle and with that you’ll also become more patient.


I often hear and read that money doesn’t bring you happiness, but family and friends does. I don’t agree with this, AT ALL and I’ll break it down for you.


Comparing money to family, is like comparing your dog to a friend. I mean, money isn’t going to give me the love I get from my fam, but neither is my friend going to have my back like my doggo has.

Let’s be real here, money leads to possibilities that can lead to your personal happiness. With money I can buy tickets to go see Star Wars and Deadpool 2 in one night, I can buy my parents some nice stuff and I can help people who need it. So money is not necessarily happiness, but it can definitely provide it.

Then we have the ”Spending time with family is true happiness” saying, which is is not true either. And no, I’m not gonna sit here like I personally don’t agree with this, because I’m in a blessed position to have awesome family members but I do know people, who’s  family members are bringing anything but happiness into their lives. And with them there are millions of other’s around the globe that are dealing with this as well.

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but there are people out there who are actually more happy with their own company then with being surrounded by ”family” and ”friends”. Because what if you don’t have family or friends? Or what if they’re just pricks? Then you should look for an alternative to make you happy, right? Exactly…

So yes, happiness is a personal thing and that brings me to the part where I share the big secret with y’all.. The Best Way To Become Happy Is To:

As long as it’s not hurtful to others.

Look, I can tell you to:

  • Walk 12 minutes and 37 seconds a day
  • Write in a journal
  • Listen to Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Look at pictures of Travis Fimmel in Vikings (which I highly recommend btw)giphy

It won’t work. It might be fun for a second but that’s it. It’s not gonna solve your problems. What is considered ”happiness” to me, doesn’t necessarily to you.

So my advise is to live your life the way you would like to live it and be nice. As long as it works for you, then it’s all gucci frucci, hopi dushi!

for those wondering: hopi dushi is Papiamento for ”very handsome” or ”sexy”.


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