How To Deal With Disappointments Featuring Mike Shinoda

Just because you’re disappointed, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. In fact, it’s just the beginning! 


I’m always brainstorming for future blog posts and since I’m always on the internet, I found out that Mike Shinoda released some new gifs. While looking at these gifs, all I could think of was: ”Dude, these are like all the stages of what it feels like to get disappointed!” So, I thought to myself, how could I not turn that into an actual blog post?

And I hear you saying: ”Dounia, did you just clickbait me? Like, this is not how we’re married.” And the answer is no, I’ll never clickbait you. I kinda dedicated an entire blog post to Mike, so I think it’s safe to say I collabed with him… Right!? Although he doesn’t even know I exist let alone know about my blog. HAHA! LET A GIRL DREAM OKAY!

Alright, let’s begin…

Stage #1: Starting from scratch. It’s the moment you’re going to do that one thing (that will disappoint you in the future but you don’t know it yet). This can also be a person you become friends with, fall in love with, the pizza you ordered. You name it, anything can disappoint you.
Stage #2: Ok, so you found out that that new job, friend or whatever you’re doing or interested in is DA BOMB. You’re loving it, it gives you lots of positive energy, it makes you happy and you’re just very excited!
Stage #3: It’s indeed a success. Wether you’re now making lots of money, you finally found your soulmate, or the rumor that your favorite item from the McDonalds menu will come back has been confirmed, you are overloaded by good news and great vibes.
Stage #4: Two words: Yaasss Betch! You’re killing it! Every little thing goes according to plan and nothing can break you because you’re THAT BETCH! It doesn’t look like things are going to end up shitty for you, so you’re not worrying AT ALL.
Stage #5: OUT OF THE BLUE, you hear the news and are slightly in denial. You’re trying to process what you’re hearing, You can’t really believe it although you know it’s the truth.. You’re no longer THAT BETCH! You’re SHOOK!
Stage #6: This is the moment you can no longer pretend you didn’t hear the bad news. It really happened. Your partner did something that’s pretty bad, your job no longer wants you, that item from the McDonalds menu isn’t coming back. Whatever it is, you’re VERY disappointed. This is also the moment you probably start cursing but I couldn’t find a gif of Mike doing that so just pretend it’s in this blog post.
Stage #7: You’re worrying about anything and everything. How am I going to pay my bills? I told that sukkah all my personal feelings? I already imagined eating those delicious McWraps while binge watching Queer Eye.. WORRIES, WORRIES, WORRIES!
Stage #8: You found this blog post and just read something that blew you away. And that something was:

When something is canceled, over or not happening it is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s just the beginning. It was never meant to be in your life for longer than it was, because it had to make room for something better that is on it’s way. We all get disappointed, but it’s those who keep moving forward and decide to never give up, who’ll eventually succeed. – Dounia MHarthi

Stage #9: You’re still disappointed but also feeling a bit better because you know that greater things are coming. During this stage it’s still possible you’ll cry but you’ll have to wipe them tears away honey, because you got work to do!
Stage #10: You moved on. You now realize that it wasn’t the success that made you ”THAT BETCH” it was the failure, the disappointment. You showed that it couldn’t bring you down and now you’re an even badder BETCH than you’ve ever been before. You also learned to not take life too seriously all the time.

So, there you go my friend. I hope this was helpful. Don’t forget: Have fun, enjoy the ride, trust the process & let go of expectations. The less expectations you have, the less disappointed you’ll become.


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