One Life, One Shot, Give It All You Got

The one thing I kept in mind while writing this blog post is that I want this to be so fucking positive, that we’re gonna end this week with gratitude and start the new one with the greatest energy ever. Let’s dive straight into this, because I got a lot to tell ya! 


Cliché quotes & metal bands

The inspiration behind this blog post and even the title is Parkway Drive’s ”Vice Grip”. My brother and I attended their concert last week and the amount of positive energy and good vibes it gave us was something I just had to share with ya’ll.

Although I have always been passionate about personal development and know quite a few things on how to stay positive, I’m still learning as well. And for some reason I always find inspiration in the weirdest ways, at the weirdest moments.

The number one thing I realized was how important it is to truly live life to the fullest. I know it sounds cliché, but life is so precious, you guys. It can be over in a split second. Do not take it for granted.

We get so caught up in our daily routines that I believe it’s crucial to take time to enjoy the things we love and are passionate about. I don’t know if it’s qualified or seen as self-care, but in my opinion it is.

Hmm, can’t relate…

Ya’ll know the saying ”Go with the flow”, right? – Now let me explain why it so important to live by this quote.

At the concert I got to know a guy who is 20 years old. It was his first metal-concert ever and he admitted that he was pretty nervous. As our conversation continued I started to notice that he was very much trying to ”control” the moment. He already knew what songs the bands were going to play, on which side of the stage he wanted to stand and why, because according to him, one guitarist always looks at the crowd while the other one doesn’t etc. etc. He even hoped for the lead guitarist to fail, which was kinda weird and creepy. But okay….

I couldn’t relate to this mindset, but it wasn’t my first metal concert either, so I just kept thinking that it was probably the nerves that made him think that way.


Once my brother and I entered the hall we got ourselves some front row places, which was fucking great of course! We were so ecstatic, since we were going to see not only Parkway Drive but also Killswitch Engage, two of our favorite metalbands ever. The dude who I met earlier, was standing besides my brother and before the first band was about to perform he came up with the idea to start banging our heads at a certain song, at the same time, so that the lead singer was going to notice us. As much as I was trying to explain that I was not going to do that, he almost demanded us to do so, because he was convinced that that was the perfect thing to do at a show.

Now, for those who aren’t familiar with metal concerts here’s a quick explanation:

me @ any metal concert. no jk, this kid is way cooler.

A LOT HAPPENS: it’s mental – it’s lots of moshing, head-banging, crowd surfing,  screaming and beer throwing. Some fireworks, fire, sweaty humans and did I say crowd surfing?

I kept saying to him, ”My dude, forget about planning, just let yourself go. Focus on the music and how it makes you feel on the inside. It is over before you know it so please enjoy. I’m sorry but I’ll not headbang on queue because I’ll be too busy with being in the moment.

Unfortunately you guys, he just stood by his decision. Which is fine tho, I was still going to do my thing and so was my brother.

The perfect plan

As we entered the ending of the concert this guy got into a fight and immediately asked to be taken away by the security guard. I don’t know the backstory or why he wanted to leave. All I know is that I saw him upset, angry, cursing and leaving and all I could think about was, damn, I hope he enjoyed the moments before that fight happened.

See, this is my point. Maybe I could’ve explained this in fewer words, but it is something I experienced myself and that’s why I had to share it with ya’ll.

Live life and stop planning too much, because the more you plan, the less fun you’ll have

I’m not saying planning is bad, but it will be when you’re creating the ”perfect” plan. Life is not perfect, so why should you waist time on trying to make it perfect.


Are you going to see your favorite singer, band, athlete or best friend? Then the only thing you should be focussing on is being in that moment. Understand that it will never come back and that all you have is this very second.

I think that the only way in order to live life to the fullest is to live it by gratitude and not thinking too much. Appreciate what you have, appreciate your loved ones and all the little things in between.

Just to give a comparison:

Next to me was a fellow metalhead who was in a wheelchair. He couldn’t walk and unfortunately had no hands, but yo this guy was enjoying the hell out of that concert!!

He had every reason to why he shouldn’t attend such a concert, but he didn’t. Why? Because he was not going to jeopardize his own happiness.

I have so much respect for this guy because he truly showed me and I think lots of other people that night, that no matter what happens in life, we are the ones that can make it better or worse for ourselves. We are the ones that have to choose.

Don’t be afraid to live.

Never limit yourself. If you want to achieve something, then go for it. Do you have 20 different passions? Then go after all 20 of those passions. Why should you just limit yourself on one thing, when you have so much to bring to the table? Because you’e afraid that people are gonna bitch about it? Tell you it’s stupid or that you’re not good enough? FUCK THAT!

Keep that flame alive, my friend. You got this. 🔥

I wish you all a blessed week. May all your hopes and dreams become reality. I believe in you.


My brother made an in-crowd experience video where he put together some of the raddest moments of the concert. Feel free to check it out!

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