Everything Wrong With Speaking Things Into Existence

Speaking things into existence – Such a populair topic these days. Especially when you spend quite some time online, it is almost impossible to not get infected by it. But I’m not really buying this hype… In fact, I think it’s one big joke!

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Mind = Blown

I know it looks like I didn’t put much effort into creating my header and Pinteresty-picture, but that’s just because I suck hard at Photoshop. At least I got the comic sans font on point (if i doosay so myself). It’s kind of my way of indirectly saying how ”highly” I think of this entire ”Speaking Things Into Existence” topic… #SarcasmIsReal

Btw, in this blog post I’ll refer to Speaking Things Into Existence as STIE, because I’m too lazy to type that whole sentence over and over again.

So, STIE. What is my problem with it, you may ask? Well, the fact that it’s such a big hype, yet it still doesn’t sound logic to me. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this because I’m on my period or to diss anyone and everyone who STIE’S their way through life, I’m just trying to share my opinion on this. And since I am all about that positivity lifestyle as well, I think it is kind of my duty to be honest to my readers on such a topic, even when it’s so incredibly populair and my opinion is the direct opposite.

See my problem with this topic is when I read or hear stuff on the web that goes like:

We just speak about the things we want to happen enough and in time, they happen!


Well then, I wanna know to what universe they’re speaking, because I’ve been saying that I want to marry M Shadows for 6 years now and I’m still waiting…… 🤔

Ya’ll know I’m just kidding, but I hope you see my point. Where is the hard work? Dedication? Determination? Devotion? Discipline? Struggle? Blood, sweat and motherfucking tears?

In my opinion this STIE hype is just some 1st world shizzle. Honestly, let’s be real here. You guys think those kids around the globe, that are poor and die from hunger or wars are in such a position because they spoke it into existence? Hell no!

Where is the logic, people? When do we accept that we are not 100% in control of our destiny? The only thing we are in control of is what we CHOOSE to do. And even then, things can go very different than what we thought it would be.

But still, you have to actually DO something in order to achieve it. If it is so simple to just STIE it, then for what am I working so hard? I’ve had this discussion once with a friend, who also happens to be Christian (which is a very funny combination, even funnier than the topic itself, but anyway).. She was triggered af when she heard my opinion. And what was her argument? –>

”No, you’re wrong!! When you speak it into existence, you believe you’re gonna achieve it. Then when you start working for it, it’ll actually happen, because you already told the Universe and it listened.”

And I was just like:

giphy If I have to work for it in order to achieve it, then why the freak should I give credit to the freaking uNiVeRsE ASDFGHJKL !??!?

Like dude, I’m so confused!! If the universe listens so well, then why is there so much bad shit happening in the world? People are constantly hoping for better days, yet their lives on earth are freaking hell, because they can’t feed their babies, lost their families, are washing their clothes in sewage and unfortunately there are many more things that I could sum up.

Oh no, but ”Kylie Jenner once spoke into existence that she loves lipsticks and now she has her own make-up line, don’t you see? Damn Dounia, get woke!!!”

Number One Bullshit

Then I see those 25 minute-long motivational vids on YouTube of Conor McGregor talking about STIE. Then they show me shots of Conor holding two belts in his hands, while epic orchestral is playing in the background.

Now, I’m a huge fan of UFC and have lots of respect for Conor, because he is very inspirational. But, where was the STIE movement when Khabib showed up? Where’s that video? Not to throw shade, I’m just sharing my own little opinion here.

To me, the only three things that STIE is causing are arrogance, unhealthy obsessions and self-idolization. If I see someone repeating, over and over again, that they’re the greatest and that no one’s better at that particular thing, then to me, it is just as if the persons trying to convince themselves. That’s it.

I’ll never deny that the mind is powerful and that you shouldn’t be careful with the words that come out of your mouth. But please, do not be fooled into thinking that words alone can have such a power over your life. You gotta put in the work, sweety. That’s just how this world works. Unless, you’re incredibly rich.

People who are very successful these days – and I’m not talking about kids coming from rich families – But those who had to fight their way through the dirt, truly know where their success came from. They know they’ve had to make sacrifices, take risks, do whatever they could to reach the top. The universe wasn’t just handing it over to them on a porcelain plate, because they kindly asked for it, 12 year straight, 3000 times a day.


Business strategies on fleek

One of the funniest things I read on some blog post was that a woman opened a new salon. She had a few clients who really liked the haircut she gave them, so when they we’re finishing up the hairdresser said: ”Let’s book your next appointment right now, because I already have so many appointments from so far ahead.” And guess what? Now her business is booming!!

Like dude, that’s called business strategy! Lol. That is just a very clever way of tricking your clients, just to make sure they’ll come back to your salon. Come on, folks.

And then last but certainly not least we have the:


Why should you charge people for this? So that you can later on say, ”See, I told ya’ll I was gonna make shmoney with blogging!!” And give credit to the ”universe”.


Do you wanna know how to create a successful life? Welcome to Good Vibes Boulevard, where we share tips and tricks for FREE. That’s right! F R E E !! Life thought me the lessons for free, so why should I charge you, RIGHT!?

giphy.gifYou guys can probably tell I’m just so done with this movement. People are making merch out of this, online courses, write books and for what? Think about it. It’s just so fake, yet a very smart move to make money.. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about and since it is a hype and a ”cool” thing to do, people are actually going to buy it. Like I said about my Christian friend, she talks about how the universe listens, then gives me a whole lecture on why I should always have faith God!? Like, do you see why I’m confused!?

Here are a few tips on how to create a successful life THE REAL WAY FOR FREE:

  • Watch who you hang out with. Surround yourself with positive and genuine people
  • Stay humble.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself
  • Be open-minded
  • Stay aware of what you feed your mind and body with
  • Focus on the positive, even when it seems almost impossible to do
  • Take care of yourself in any way you feel is needed
  • Help others without expecting anything in return, but do not become a doormat
  • Speak your mind
  • Listen to yourself
  • Take time to rest, you do not have to grind 24/7
  • It’s okay to be yourself as long as you’re not hurting anyone
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Accept yourself and life, flaws and all
  • Let your loved ones know you care about them
  • Do whatever you feel is right but again, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone

And last but not least:



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