What I’ve Learned About Life Through Traveling

During the past years I’ve been traveling to several places around the world. And after my recent trip to Barcelona, Spain I felt inspired to write a little something about it. These experiences have truly opened my eyes in a lot of ways. I realized the importance of traveling at an even deeper level and how much it actually can and will benefit us and our lives. So fasten your seatbelts ladies & gents and allow me to take you on this beautiful adventure!

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Leave your peanut butter at home, Connie!

Traveling to me is not just something I do to relax. You know, as in a vacation. Sure, in a way it is, but I honestly view it more as a spiritual journey.

It won’t be a spiritual journey if I go to let’s say Spain and I’ll only eat Dutch food at some Dutch restaurant in a neighborhood with mostly Dutch people. Then I could better stay at home, if you’d ask me.

giphyI never forget traveling to Morocco and there was a woman at the security check at the airport, who literally had to throw away 6 jars of CALVE PEANUT BUTTER. Like, BRUH!?!?! You’re going to MOROCCO. Enjoy some Tajine with Moroccan tea and hookah!! Damn…

When I speak of a spiritual journey, I mean discovering the place I’m going to and with that discovering my heart and soul and who I am as a person.

The narrow-minded mentality

When we travel, we are able to find our true selves. What I mean by this is that, when you dive into the culture and history of those people, and you are willing to go with their flow, you’ll automatically become more open to new things which will eventually be implemented into your own lifestyle once you find some sort of comfort in it. And with that you’ll realize that you are not that different from them after-all.

You can’t be neutral on a moving train – Vinnie Paz

Every place in this world has its beauty, but you will only know if you are willing to explore.

To give you an example: I went to Mexico in 2013 with my parents and cousin. The amount of judgmental backlash I got from friends was mind blowing. Because ”How could you travel to such a dangerous country!?”‘You will get killed out there, if you’re going to visit it!!” And I was just like…

ugh! you’re ignorance is killing me, how bout dah!!!

I realized that those comments came from people who always visit the same place every damn year or they do not travel at all. See, you won’t have this mentality when you travel the WORLD and are willing to see new places with new faces.

Good Vibes Conspiracies? …. LOL!

We see and hear things on the news that automatically creates a vision of how certain countries and its people are, when in fact that’s just a small percentage of what you’ll actually get in return. There’s no need to fear if you know what you’re doing folks!

We had such an amazing time in Mexico, in fact, it is the most beautiful country and culture I have seen so far. And don’t get me started on the food!

Traveling the world will take away that narrow minded mentality, ONLY if you are willing to dive deep into the culture of the places you’re visiting. Truly understanding why they’re doing certain things in a certain way.

It might seem ”weird” to you, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean it is in fact weird. It’s just different than what you’re used to.

Once you understand this, it will make you respect their lifestyle and create a feeling of gratitude to your own standards and culture.


There was one thing in particular that caught my attention when I was in Barcelona last week, a homeless man looking in the trash for something to eat.

This really broke my heart. Seeing this man struggling in a street filled with expensive stores, was really eye-opening and an instant lesson to be learned – which was to never take anything for granted and to always have a kind place in your heart that will never look away from people in need.


I don’t know this man’s backstory and why he ended up being homeless. All I know was that I couldn’t imagine living like that and how hard it must be for him.

Again, the gratitude plays a big role in this. I truly hope for this man that he’ll find his way out of this hell on earth and that he’ll be able to achieve his dreams and live his life the same way we all hope for ourselves.

Damn, I feel so heavy only writing about this….

A home away from home

There is always something for you to explore in this world. There is beauty in the unknown and it makes you realize how much you still have to learn, which makes room for humbleness.

And the funniest thing is that if a place is truly special to you, it will feel like a home away from home. I had the same experience with Barcelona when I visited it for the first time in 2017.

2019-06-02 05.23.20 1.jpg
aye, it is I!

I was so at peace with myself when I was there. I never thought that city would have such an impact on me. The connection was real. Leaving it felt like I was leaving my loved one. Lol, look at me, being all hopeless romantic and shit, in love with a city… hahaha

For next year I’m planning to go to Asia and that will be the first time in my life that I’m going to that side of the world. I think it’s going to be a culture shock for sure, but I’m ready. I love that feeling of excitement and adventure.

Free spirit

Traveling is freedom. The fact that you can visit places all around the world is amazing, let’s face it. You are free to explore the world and yourself. I think that through traveling we are kinda able to find the secrets and meaning of life.

Through traveling I’ve learned that we are all equal and beautiful in our own ways. Every place has it’s story, just like us. We are all humans, and it doesn’t matter how much we differ from each other, because in a way we are all the same. Stop limiting yourself, and embrace life each and every single day.

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