More Than Just A Size

From the Ancient Greeks to the Kardashian era, body image has always been a thingy.  But what is about a human body that decides wether we are beautiful or not? I’m done with this toxic movement. It’s time to speak out. It’s time to awaken that inner beauty. It’s time to say FUCK YOU to labels.

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Now this won’t be a blog post that’s pro plus size, anti small size. This post talks directly to any individual who’s ever had to experience or is still experiencing body-image negativity.

See the problem is not body-image. Body-image can be very positive. The problem is people who think their opinions are facts.

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-14 om 22.17.43.pngI was watching TV last monday and here in Holland we have a show that’s called RTL Boulevard, where they talk about the latest news from the entertainment industry. There was this woman (who I won’t call by name, because that’s not up to me) who’s pretty populair here in Holland when it comes to fashion. She literally BASHED what Nike did with the plus-size mannequin.

According to her, ”this mannequin wasn’t just a size larger, this is waaaaay larger and not what Nike should be promoting!! They should stick to the XS mannequin in the back of the picture.”



You see, this is when body-image becomes an issue. She completely misses the point. HEALTH, starts from the inside. And with the inside I mean the MIND. I can look all cute from the outside, but in the meantime boulimia is killing me. Just to name an example. People do not realize this most of the time, unfortunately. Yet this is a real issue, happening to real people all over the world, every fucking day.

I wonder if she would be saying this if plus-size was the hype in the fashion industry.. Because to me she just sounds like a person who jumped on the fat-shaming bandwagon.

Just because you’re a size XXL doesn’t mean you can’t be good at sports, just because you’re a size XS doesn’t mean you’re not strong just because you’re ”petit”.

And this is not just something women have to go through, men just as much!

We tend to look at the amount of sixpacks instead of heart and soul. How rich is this person that I want to be with in possession? instead of in heart and soul.

Or the idea that a plus-size woman can’t be with a guy who’s ripped. Because then he would be ”too good looking for her” or ”deserves better”.

I’m not making this up, this shit is actually being said by people and if you’re interested to where I took this from, feel free to read ”Curvy Instagrammer won’t apologize for hot husband”.

tell ’em, Rih. Tell ’em!

This fashion-lady I mentioned earlier in my blog post, went on TV the day after to apologize. And yes everyone can be forgiven, but they must realize that it’s way wiser to think before you speak, because the damage has already been done.

Eating disorders is a real thing and it’s not just ”skinny” people that go through it.

Bullying someone just because of their size is just such a low thing to do and it’ll make you look stupid. Because people who do such things, know deep inside that this person they are saying these awful things to, are gorgeous as fuck – flaws and all. But they just can’t handle that and/or they are insecure about themselves. Period.

Instead of bashing Nike for doing something positive, why not use this to spread more positivity? By looking up to men and women all over the world for doing what they love and going after their dreams, regardless of what their sizes are.

And coincidentally I was watching TV earlier this week, but in today’s society, it’s so important to mindful of who you are watching and following on social media, since that is our new ”TV”.

The line of realness and fakeness is so incredibly thin on these platforms, that it is very easy to believe that what you’re seeing is the real deal, when in reality it’s not.

So let me break it down for once and for all:

Stop hating your tummy-fat – your tummy deserves love only / Don’t be afraid to show your double chin on a selfie / Your legs are fine honey, don’t sweat about it / You don’t need a big booty if you don’t want one / Embrace them lovely stretch marks / No curves? that’s fine boo! – you’re smile’s all that counts / Stop hating your cellulite, it looks good on you / Want a bikini body? Go to your closet, grab le bikini, put on le bikini, BOOM – bikini body.

Stop labelling yourself. If someone’s not willing to see your beauty from the inside and out, then honey they are not worth a finger tip of what you have to offer. You are a mom, a daughter, a sister, a best friend. An amazing colleague, a hard worker, a fighter, a never give-upper (if that’s even a word). You’re smart, talented, funny, crazy, with a little bit of dry humor from time to time, but that’s okay!


I rest my case.


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