The Hidden Pearl of Life

This is probably the hardest blog post I have ever written. But I have always known that this moment would come. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the depths of life, and discover it’s hidden pearl…


It all started on August 31st 2019. The day I went to the island of Curacao. It is often being referred to as the Hidden Pearl of the Caribbean. Hmm, where have I read that before…?! haha.

I have been confronted by a lot of eye opening things during my vacation. And as my journey in life continues, I feel this is the right time to talk about life. I know, I’ve mentioned life in almost all my blog posts, but there is one particular part of it that I have never mentioned, death. It’s not that I never wanted to shine light on that topic, it’s more that it’s very hard for me to write about. But, sometimes you just have to face your fears in order to realize that the only one that is holding you back is yourself. And it’s also a beautiful thing to turn something negative into something positive, don’t you agree?

Now, as you guys and gals know me, I will never take a depressing topic, and make it even more depressing. Ya girl will always make room to crack a joke! So no worries! I hope I will make you leave this site with a smile on your face and maybe a tiny tear of joy.


Lost in paradise

When you’re 9000+ km away from a tiny country called Holland and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water, there’s no denying that life is good. I’ve waited long enough to go on this trip and now it’s finally happening..!

jcob-nasyr-qsHnTlm_p5g-unsplash.jpgIt’s normal that in a situation like this you’re mostly focused on yourself. You want to leave the stress and hectic lifestyle behind for a while, and only focus on chilling, having a drink or two, eating some good food and swimming like you’ve never done before.

But, the most beautiful thing about traveling to me is that, by opening up to the country you’re visiting and trying to connect with its people, you will find a greater understanding of yourself. It puts life into perspective and it puts you in a state of reflecting on life. It gives you the opportunity to create your own morals and values.

For example, I quickly found out how much most of the people of Curacao are in a financial struggle. The country is like a paradise, but some people really go through hell, every single day. Their salaries aren’t that good, they do not get payed in time and the groceries are barely affordable.

I’ve had a situation where I gave a lady in the hotel a tip, she thanked me and later came back to thank me again saying that I have no idea how much this will help her out to take care for her family. Or another lady at the hotel that softly yet firmly hold my hand for a couple of seconds before accepting the money. It’s moments like this when my heart just breaks and wished I could do more to help them, to give them a better life.

Gratitude is really the key-word in all of this. Everyone is fighting a battle we do not know about. In life we all face the same things, there are no exceptions. We just face them differently. So if you, the person reading this is struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, body-image issues, self-harm, loneliness, anxiety or something else, know that you are never alone. Let your voice be heard, because there are people out there who are willing to help. And to everyone noticing someone going through a struggle, please don’t be shy, afraid or scared of other people’s opinions. Help that person out, all in the name of love. Because you or a loved one can be in the same exact position one day, hoping for someone to give you/them a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

I loooooove soccer!

The tropical climate is really something else. Especially if you’re used to cold and rain lol. But my mom and I quickly found out that the lobby is the best place to cool down. We just took a shower and decided to sit over there in those comfy chairs. My mom’s face timing with my grandma and I was on Whatsapp peacefully sending ugly double chin selfies to my friend, when all of sudden I notice something from the corner of my eye.

actual footage of me at that exact moment

A group of ripped ass guys entered the lobby, in full soccer outfit. Turns out that Aruba’s national soccer team is staying at our hotel for a couple of days! Hahah, now, I’m more of a motorsports kinda chick, but girl, I will never deny that there are a lot of handsome dudes in soccer.

All of a sudden this Neymar-looking guy walked passed me and HUNNIE, that windy lobby got hot as FuCk! lmao, he was very handsome. BUT, I’ll not turn this blog post into a thirst post. So yeah, I was admiring him from a distance and knew I would mention him in my blog post lol i need a life.

The whole team walked passed us when I noticed another guy with one hell of a bootay. Like, girl, if Kim Kardashian was there she would be quacking!! And I’m known for my loud mouth, so the guy heard me saying: ‘Damn, he got booty tho!‘, but he sensually looked at my mom thinking she said it. lmao ok, I’ll stop now.


Anyway, the day after, I found out the the national team of Curacao was also staying at our hotel. So when my mom was getting a pedicure, I was having a beer, reading a book I borrowed from my friend called: How To Fall in Love With A Homeless Guy, Who Sleeps In The Bushes. (don’t ask why). The guys from Curacao were celebrating their win. They were drinking some beers at the bar, having a good time joking around. Having the teams at our hotel was really bringing lots of positive vibes.

But then in the middle of the night I woke up (because jetlag), when my mom told me that the keeper from Curacao has passed away.

That shit hit me ya’ll. I immediately grabbed my phone to look it up on any news site. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. ‘They were just celebrating a couple of hours ago!?’ was the only thing I could think of.

I still can’t believe it and I want to dedicate this blog post to Jairzinho Pieter,

may his soul rest in peace. ❤️

Now this is the part that has always been very challenging for me to write about. The only thing in life that is guaranteed is death. It will all happen to us sooner or later. Like the great Jedi master once said:

Death is a natural part of life. Yoda

For some reason I always fear the death of my loved ones more than my own. But still I do not want to look at it in a negative way. If there’s one ”positive” side to death (if you could call it that), it would be that it shows us how important it is to celebrate life. Every single day above ground, is something to be grateful for. And that to me is the hidden pearl of life.

Schermafbeelding 2019-09-16 om 22.15.36.pngIf you live your life the way it makes you happy, with the people you love and hey, pets included! – then that should be enough. Do not waste your time trying to impress other people. You are living your life for yourself. Your goal should be to be happy for yourself, in order to share true happiness with others. Stay humble, be respectful, be open minded and never forget to be grateful. Do not ever take anything in life for granted, for it can be over or gone in a second.

Embrace life, chase your dreams and make the best out of every single moment. That is true success, and that my friends, it the hidden pearl of life.

hosting gude.png

I found a note on my phone that I wrote on my flight back home and I just had to add it to this blog post lmao😂 poor me….


me when the turbulence hit

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