23 Life Lessons in 23 Years

What do you get when you have a 23 year old chick who’s basically an old soul, with a young spirit who also happens to be a blogger? Allow me to answer this for you: You’ll get a glass of wine, a plate of cheesy goodness and a bunch of life lessons you never thought you needed. So grab them bottles baby, ‘cuz I got a lot to share with ya!

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The last time I did a blog post like this, was already two years ago. And of course I have way more lessons I would like to share with you. But since I’m only 23 years old at this very moment, I’ll just stick to this number for now!

I really loved writing this. It gave me some time to reflect on the past few years and in a way it’s kinda healing to write about it. It’s almost as if I’m not only reminding you, but also myself about the little things in life that matters the most. I hope you’ll enjoy this one! X

1. stay true to yourself

no matter where you are, or who you’re surrounded by, never try to be someone you’re not. when you stay true to yourself, you’re true to others. only then you will never have to worry when you get confronted. honesty over fakeness.

2. change is mandatory

change is a good thing. it might not always feel that way, but to change is to grow, in life and spirit. embrace change, and change will embrace you.

3. set boundaries

people will test you, let them know when they cross the line. the last thing that you want is to feel uncomfortable. not everyone is going to accept this but that is ok. the right people will, the wrong ones won’t. I guess it’s a win win for both then…

Rosa Diaz is such a vibe tho.

4. have a little faith

never put pressure on yourself to plan the ”perfect” life. never worry when things don’t go as planned. do what you feel is the right thing to do, at that exact moment and have a little faith. everything will fall into place when you listen to your heart and mind and do what you feel is right.

5. don’t be too black and white

with a world full of colors, why should you be so black and white? everyone is unique in their own way. just because you’re not familiar with their way of living, doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’re right and they are wrong. stay open-minded, and you’ll be amazed on how much you can actually learn from someone.

6. accept where you are in life

sometimes we want things fast in life, but we do not always realize that life is not in a hurry. allow yourself to grow, learn, feel and understand. it’s not about how long it takes for you to get from A to B, it’s about how well you’re allowing yourself to evolve in the process.


8. embrace failure

failure will teach you lessons success never ever will, therefore be thankful for it. let it motivate you to do better the next time. failure forces you out of your comfort zone. only through failure, you’ll find true success.

9. never compare yourself to others

you are you, and they are they?! (lol i messed up on this one, don’t even know the proper grammar) anywayssss, you know what’s best for you and why you are making certain decisions. there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired, but always realize that at the end of the day, this is the life you are going to live for yourself.

10. be aware

awareness is so important, especially these days were time flies by so incredibly fast. the beauty of awareness is that you are truly living in the moment. you are able to cherish these memories because you allow yourself to experience every second of it. never take anything for granted.

11. seize the day

this one is almost similar to the awareness one, but a bit different. it is very important to seize the day, because what is happening now will never come back, wether it’s good or bad. because at the end of the day, that’s life. cherish those who surround you daily or have left this life for the next one and be thankful for every breath of fresh air.

12. find your happiness

happiness is personal and to find your true happiness is to accept who you are as a person. no matter race, religion or gender. by accepting this, you can explore the art of self-expression, and what a wonderful thing that is. 💖

i’ll always have a soft spot for keanu. ❤

13. learn to move on

when you’re facing the past, you turn your back to the future. don’t do that. let the past in the past. accept it, learn from it and move on. what lies ahead is way better and way more exciting for you to find out. life’s way too short to waste time over what was.

14. life is a beautiful struggle

as a wise man once said: ”there’s no progress without struggle.” keep moving on, my dear friend. everything will get better, because nothing lasts forever. not even problems.

15. re-connect with nature every once in a while

in a society where we are basically prisoners to our electronica devices, it is very important to surround yourself with nature. nature is life, nature is appreciation, nature is wonders. no matter how beautiful that new makeup palette looks like, nothing beats a clear blue sky, turquoise ocean or colorful trees.

see? nomnomnomnom

16. it’s ok to have a bad day or two, three, a whole week for that matter!

it’s impossible to always be at your best. it’s ok to have bad days. to not put on makeup or do your hair. sometimes all you need is a cozy blanket, tons of junk food and an awesome Netflix show to binge on. that’s also self-care, bruh!

17. it’s ok to say no

you are allowed to make your own choices. never feel the need to agree with something just to please someone. listen to what you want and if you do not want it, then NO is da muhfucking answer, bish!

18. there’s nothing wrong with being critical

dare to ask yourself and others critical questions. you’re not a pain in the ass or a ”know it all”. to ask questions is to educate yourself, and when was that ever being considered a bad thing!?

19. practice self-love/self-care

you are the only one you will never leave or lose. so take good care of yourself. it will do you really good. it allows you to re-charge which will lead to more energy, motivation and a fresh new mindset. you’ll become more focussed and overal very positive. don’t be scared to show yourself some love!


20. set realistic goals

the last thing you want is to become unmotivated because you set the bar too high. it’s always good to strive for bigger and better, but not at the expense of your mental health. when you set realistic goals, you are more likely to fulfill them and feel proud. try to find a balance between hard work and enjoyment.

21. energy is key

the energy you vibrate can make or break a person, just as much as someone else’s energy can make or break you. be mindful to where you put your energy in. make sure it’s nourishing, uplifting and overal positive. ain’t nobody got time fo’ toxicity and negativity.

22. talk about what’s bothering you

when you keep all of your emotions inside, it’ll be a matter of time before you’re going to explode. prevent that from happening by talking to someone. this can be a professional, your parents, a good friend or even your pet. they can share their perspective on things and by that help you with processing what is going on. sharing is caring. your pet will probably just stare at you begging for more food lmao.

name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

23. spread love and positivity

you never know what someone’s going through. by showing kindness and appreciation you are able to make someone feel better. never forget that what goes around, comes around. you might be that someone who needs to hear a little word of encouragement one day. being kind won’t cost you any money.

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