10 Helpful Tips on How To Deal with Depression While Stuck in Quarantine

The thing with being depressed and being stuck in quarantine is, that it hits a person twice as hard. Your thoughts are stuck in your head and now your body is stuck at home. I don’t take this topic lightly and therefor find it important to share my most useful tips with you on how to occupy your mind with optimism and deal with depression in times like this. Let’s do this.

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Disclaimer: I am not nor do I claim myself to be a professional Psychologist, Therapist or anything related to those professions. This blog post is purely meant to help a person on how to fill their mind with positivity and to overcome certain struggles they’re facing.

I am fully aware that this mental illness is not a one size fits all, therefore, if your depression gets the best of you, please do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

If you know someone who needs to see this, please share this with them. I don’t ask you this to get likes and followers because I couldn’t care less tbh. I ask you this to spread postivity and hope. It might make someones day better and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you and be safe. X.

–  Dounia.

1. Get yo mothaf*ckin’ shine on!

The way you start off your day, will set the tone. Try to wake up early. Open the blinds and windows. Let your room be filled with natural light and oxygen, and make your bed. It’s a new day, a new beginning. Remind yourself, every single morning, that everything starts with having the right mindset. Now don’t underestimate this, because you’ll need some motivation to do this. But don’t be hesitant to force yourself. No one is going to this for you. If you want the right mindset, you gotta put in the work.

wakey wakey

When you’re stuck at home, you’re most vulnerable for negative thoughts. It’s almost as if it speaks louder than words and this can really mess with you when you’re already in a depressive state of mind. So, the only way to prevent this from happening, is to create a certain routine.

Simple Photo Development Course Pinterest Graphic-4You already woke up early in the morning, so now it’s time to take care of yourself. Take a nice shower, brush your teeth, do your hair and put on some clean clothes. Doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite work outfit or pyjama, as long as its clean. Or stay in your underwear, I mean whatever floats your boat!

It’s all in the name of vibrating at the right frequency. By taking care of yourself this way, you will feel more awake, fresh and motivated. It takes away the ”Ugh, I’m stuck at home all day FUCK!” feeling, and that’s exactly the thing we want to get rid of. Plus, it’s always very important to not neglect yourself. You gotta show yourself some love, boo!

2. It’s tea time, bitches! ☕️

When you’re all fresh and clean, it’s time to prepare some breakfast. Maybe a delicious avocado toast or cereal, delicious cup of coffee or tea. To make it a bit more fun, I suggest to put on your favorite playlist/podcast, perhaps an audiobook. In the mornings we fill our minds with optimism and our stomachs with food. Because we need the mind for motivational energy, and food for fuel. Don’t forget to eat some vitamins too, drink a glass of water and get ready to start your day.

3. I’mma get you high today

Some of y’all are working at home, so sit behind your desk, make yourself comfortable and don’t turn off the music! Because working while listening to your favorite music stimulates the mind and you’ll actually get shit done. So you’re happy and your boss is too! Sounds like a win-win to me. 😉

If you’re not working, but just chilling, then I suggest to do whatever you like to do. Go watch your favorite show on Netflix, check your socials, play that dope ass video game. As long as it makes you happy, do it.

As a wise man once said:

high on life 😉

While you’re chilling, don’t forget to take a break from time to time. Do your laundry, empty your blather, stretch a bit and I can’t say it enough, but STAY HYDRATED! Chilling is meant to chill, not to get bored in the long run.

4. Hold on, let me write this down real quick

Start journaling. If a negative thought comes up, or any thought for that matter that you don’t know how to deal with, write it down. Give it a place outside your mind, so that it won’t stand a chance to ruin your mood. Because hunny, your mind is working 24/7 and it needs a break too! I don’t care if you write it down in a fancy notebook, or on the back of an envelope, as long as you get it out of your head. And don’t throw it away though. Keep it for another time, when you need a reminder on how you’ve handled the situation last time. You’ll notice that you do have the power to overcome your struggles. Be your own motivation.

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And if writing is not your thing, then call up a friend, cousin, grandma whoever it is you can trust and rely on. It’s good to vent, because you can’t carry all that weight by yourself. Plus, by talking to someone you’ll hear another person’s perspective on the situation and with that expand yours. And yes, even by reaching out to others you are still your own motivation, because babe, you got the strength to reach out and that says a lot about your character. You strong AS FUCK!

5. Unleash your inner artist

We all have a passion. Something we really like to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or actually suck at it, you love it and that’s all that matters. What is your passion? Is it singing? Drawing? Writing? Making beats? Playing an instrument? Then what the hell are you waiting for!? Get yo ass up and unleash your inner artist!

Do you like to make videos but never had the courage to upload them, then this is the time you should do it. Sharing is caring. By showcasing your art, you might inspire someone else behind the other side of the screen. And if you don’t want to go viral, then you still can enjoy it yourself. Creativity is a pathway to possibilities. It’s the key to having a positive mind. If you want to stop the soul-killing, you must do something you actually enjoy doing. That’s where your motivation lies. Do it. Do it for your happiness.

6. Alright, it’s time to hit some Zzz’s

Let’s just say it’s around 2 PM, you’ve been occupying your mind all day and stayed hydrated, it’s the perfect moment to allow yourself to take a power nap. That doesn’t mean you should sleep all day till the end of the day, no no my friend, set your alarm and let’s just say an hour max is perfect to re-set your mind.

Put your phone away for a moment, no airpods, no nothing. Just you, your pillow, a blanket and total silence. Because you gotta need the energy for what’s coming next!

yeah that’s right, we got 4 more tips left bitchhhh!

7. Let your blood flow

It’s easier to not move around that much when you’re sitting inside all day. Going outside is not (really) an option and since the gyms are closed you are left with no other option then to exercise at home!

Now listen, I list all these things from 1 to 10, but the most important ones to follow in particular order are 1, 2 and 3. Other then that it’s completely up to you how you schedule your day. As long as you stick to the routine.

I personally like the online workouts and yoga classes from Tone It Up. They also do livestreams, which is also fun. But if you know some other online workouts, or you know what to do yourself then go for it baby! Let your blood flow. By staying inside, doesn’t mean you can’t stay active!

that’s right, tWERK it baby!!

8. Thank you, next

Congratulations, you have now entered the Declutter level. Yup, it’s time to let go of what was and hold on to what is.

Being stuck in quarantine, is the perfect moment for you to grab all the stuff you’ve been keeping and to throw away everything that has brought and is still bringing you nothing but doubt, anger, insecurity, anxiety and sadness. It’s ready to discover the new and improved you.

me @ anything that’s negative

Anything that doesn’t lift you up, is worth letting go, remember this. You might wanna write it down, if you know what I mean! Whatever you’re feeding your mind with, is what you will become. So if you strive to become a positive person, hold on to what’s positive and let the negative suck a butt.



And once you’ve finished decluttering — tidy up your house a bit. Make room for the Feng Shui . Your room/house is a visible representation of your mind and has a bigger impact on your mood than you’d think. Put on some candles, make sure it smells nice and that everything around you serves a purpose and that is to better your mental health.

9. Become a Salt-Bae

I would’ve shared those glasses of wine, but since we’re socially distancing ourselves, I have no other option than to drink it myself haha

Food is always a good idea. I mean, let’s face it we all get happy when we think about food, or is that just me? It’s just me? Oh ok, forget what I said then…

No but for real, prepare yourself a delicious meal. You can cook your favorite mac ‘n cheese dish or be bold and try something new. Whatever it is, make sure it’s fresh and healthy. Bonus point: you’ll look forward to it, which basically means, you’re being happy about something.

And listen, I’m not saying that it’s bad to eat pizza, because hun, if you want that double pepperoni pizza with BBQ sauce and garlic oil than do you, just don’t do it every single night. By preparing your own meal you have full control over what you put in it and it’s fun too.

Don’t forget to put on some heavy metal, reggaeton or whatever you like to listen to, and cook baby, cook!


Once you’re done, grab yourself a soda, water, glass of wine, get your ass on the couch and watch an episode or two of your favorite show or YouTube channel and let’s call it a day.

10. That’s enough for today Dracula, it’s time for bed!

That’s right. After a busy day of growth in mind and spirit, it’s time to go to bed. My advice is to go to bed at a decent time, let’s say between 9.30 and 10.30 PM or so. It’s the only way to be able to wake up early again in the morning.

You can stay up late, binge-watch and what not, but it will for sure mess with your routine. And not only that, but by being awake all night and sleeping all day, you will be in the dark most of the time and is that really what you need when you’re depressed?


Please realize that by doing this for one day, it won’t make your depression disappear. You got to put in the effort every single day, over and over again. And yes, with or without Corona Virus and quarantines, you will have good and bad days. There is nothing wrong with going through a day where nothing goes as planned. Accept it for what it is, to the best you can and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Life is not perfect, and if you do it right, everyday will be a challenge. Failure is growth so don’t be so hard on yourself. Watch the frequencies you vibrate at, stay hydrated and reach out if you need a hand.

I believe in you. I know you will get through this. Nothing lasts forever, not even depression.

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  1. Samantha B. says:

    Good tips! Quarantine has been a daily struggle for me but I’ve been trying to stick to a routine to avoid staying down in the dumps. Exercise and writing/journaling have especially helped. Thanks for sharing!


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