About the blog

About the blog

Good Vibes Boulevard is a blog created with the intention to inspire people all around the world. That’s why the topics I write about, are all positivity and personal development related. Mental Health is also a topic I discuss on this platform.

james-connolly-376517-unsplash.jpgWhy I chose to write about such topics

Because mentioning mental health, personal development, positivity and all the struggles we all face in life, is still something ”we shouldn’t really talk about”. I want to break this barrier between what is and isn’t allowed to talk about.

We all go through hell and back, let’s be real here. If I’m able to give someone behind the other side of the screen, hope, a smile on their face or inspiration and courage to follow their hearts and dreams, by sharing my experiences and wisdom…. Then that my friend, is the answer to why I’m doing this.

Upload schedule

It depends. I truly believe in quality over quantity. That means that I sometimes post two times a week, 3 times a month, or once every month. It’s safe to say that everything I write about is either something I have experienced myself, or it’s inspired by people that I’m surrounded by.

I’d rather publish one blog post a month, knowing I poured my heart and soul into it, and that it is something I would actually read myself, rather than to post every week just to ”stay active” yet all it does is suck!

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