About the blog

Hello there and welcome! My name is Dounia M’Harthi and I am the creator of Good Vibes Boulevard.

Good Vibes Boulevard is a blog created with the intention to inspire and motivate people from all around the world

On this blog I discuss topics such as: positivity, personal development and mental health. Think about stuff such as, self love/care, body image issues, life lessons, understanding of the mind etc.

james-connolly-376517-unsplashMy goal is to show the reader that they are not different from others. We are all going through the same things, but in a different way. I want them to realize that no matter how bad may be at the moment, everything will get better eventually.

And if I am able to do this, and to put a smile on someone’s face on the other side of the screen, or motivate them enough to chase their dreams, then that my friend, is the answer to why I am doing this and what this blog is all about.

I believe in the power of love, caring and kindness. I believe that’s the most beautiful gift you could give to someone.

Feel free to join the path to positivity!

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