Contact Me!-2

What is your real name?

Dounia MHarthi.

Where is your hometown?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

What is your blog about?

Positivity & personal development.

How often do you post on your blog?

At least once a week, but I do not have a specific day.

Do you have other passions besides writing?

Yes, I do! I have a great passion for MotoGP and UFC and I’m a big fan of Star Wars! I also like to binge watch my favorite TV Shows (is that a passion? yes? alright, good!)

What inspired you to start this blog?

I’ve always helped and inspired people in my life and I find absolute joy in doing that. And since my biggest passion is writing, I thought it would be great to do something useful with that and to help and inspire people on an even greater scale. You can read my complete story here!

I want to work with you, how can I contact you?

You can send an e-mail to:

Or (direct) message me via: FacebookInstagram & Tumblr